Clinical Research Ventures Pte Ltd, (CRV), a Singapore-­based firm, announced in 2019 a new global investment partnership specifically devoted to enabling and accelerating clinical development programs for life sciences companies. With a focus on pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic assets entering Phase I and II trials, CRV intends to invest in up to 10 programs per year, which will leverage up to US$50 million annually in clinical trial and related costs. CRV is location-­agnostic, investing worldwide from offices located in Singapore, Frankfurt and Boston.

CRV invests alongside existing or new investors, typically as a follower, underwriting up to the majority or entirety of external clinical trial costs, while managerial, administrative and other research expenses are funded by the portfolio company’s other investors. As an affiliate of CRU Global, a leading clinical research organization, CRV is able to quickly evaluate proposals and help optimize trials for efficient cost and rapid, successful completion. CRV’s model is attractive to both companies and investors because CRV does not seek to place additional capital beyond trial-­related costs, protecting companies and investors from unwanted or unnecessary dilution and control concerns.

Investment scope:

  • Companies or programs entering Phase I or II clinical trials.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic tools, medical technologies.
  • Very broad spectrum of clinical indications.
  • Europe, North America, Southeast Asia.

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