Clinical Services

CRU-GLOBAL is a Clinical Research Site Network with sites and offices in Europe and South-East Asia conducting studies from Phase I-IV for sponsors at CRU owned facilities which include CRU’s Early Phase Units in Miskolc city (Hungary), in Khust city (Ukraine) and Hanoi city (Vietnam) and Later Phase Units in Miskolc, Hatvan, Kisvarda cities in Hungary, Khust city in Ukraine, Frankfurt am Main city in Germany and Hanoi capital in Vietnam. 

The available population for CRU-Global sites is over 231 million (Hungary: 10 million, Germany: 83 million, Ukraine: 42 million, Vietnam: 96 million).

CRU-GLOBAL recently developed its first state of the art Sleep Research Lab in Miskolc, Hungary where Sleep and CNS/Neurology research studies are conducted as well as many academic research programs. 

Clinical Sites

CRU-GLOBAL clinical sites are fully owned by the CRU-GLOBAL’s national affiliate in each country.


Therapeutic areas such as Cardivascular, CNS, Dermatology and more.

Case Studies

We are a global top enroller in many multicentric studies in different therapeutic areas.

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