There is continuous growth in the scientific base and capabilities in Vietnam, encouraged by local authorities, given the growing contribution of clinical research to the local economy.


Trials are supported by Clinical Research Units (CRUs) in many large hospitals and study coordinators.


The trend among local ethics committee and regulatory authorities in Vietnam is towards reduction of regulatory approval timelines. Vietnam Ministry of Health continues to provide clear instructions on their processes and requirements for documentation.

More and more hospitals/institutions and investigators in Vietnam are involved in GCP clinical trials, global as well as local, therefore, their knowledge and experience have recently developed and helped to bring more trials to Vietnam.


According to 2011 update from Department of Science and Training, Vietnam MOH, the number of investigators participated instructor-led training and received GCP certificates from MOH is approximately 500.


The new clinical trial regulation (effective from 01 Jan 2019) is a very comprehensive and straight forward regulation according to GCP and all International standards. The current clinical research regulation in Vietnam is one of the strictest worldwide with a very specific accreditation either the Sites or the Investigators. 

CRU-GLOBAL local affiliate is: CRI Vietnam Ltd. in Hanoi, established in 2018. 


CRI (Clinical Research Institute) Vietnam is one of the biggest private clinical research centers in Vietnam. Currently, CRI Vietnam provides Phase I to IV, inpatient and outpatient clinical research services and biobanking services for clinical and basic research projects.


CRI Vietnam located in the 354 Hospital in Hanoi, with a catchment area of over 2 million people and with the availability of over 10 million people from the countryside via our referral hospitals and referral physicians’ network.


The site is fully equipped with all necessary, modern diagnostic equipment (X-ray, DXA, US, CT, MRI, laboratory).

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