Clinical Research Institute Vietnam - CRI Vietnam

CRI Vietnam is one of the biggest private clinical research centers in Vietnam. Currently, CRI Vietnam provides Phase II to IV, inpatient and outpatient clinical research services and also biobanking services for clinical and basic research projects.

CRI Vietnam located in the 354 Hospital in Hanoi, with a catchment area of over 2 million people and with the availability of over 10 million people from the countryside via our referral hospitals and referral physicians network.

The site is fully equipped with all necessary, modern diagnostic equipment (X-ray, DXA, US, CT, MRI, laboratory). The site designed and organized according to the CRU site design and standards, following all international and national regulations and the CRU SOPs, which were audited and accepted by a dozen audits and regulatory inspections.

The site team is well trained and educated, and each of the management team members gets over a 15 years clinical research experience.