Clinical Research Units Hungary (CRU) is a hospital-based Clinical Research Centre Network for conducting outpatient and inpatient clinical trials involving Pharmaceutical, Biological and Medical Devices, founded in 2007. CRU is currently the biggest Phase I unit and one of the biggest clinical research centres for later phase studies in Hungary. In the last 12 years the company became a multi-site Research Center Network.

With centralized management and highly efficient structure and procedures we respond quickly to the sponsor’s needs, we are a preferred partner by leading pharma, CROs and biotech companies.


On each of our sites we have dedicated permanent staff which include investigators, physicians, researchers, pharmacists, coordinators, nurses, administrators and IT and financial support. Currently more than 37 permanent, full time employees are working on CRU projects in Hungary. Two of our researchers are full member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, 7 employees get PhD degree and the PhD program still ongoing for 3 additional employees. We get also 3 full-time Study Pharmacists.