Megnyert pályázatok:

  1. Project ID: FIEK_16-1-2016-0005: ELTE Biotechnológiai FIEK: the IDEA originated from CRU, CRU is a full member of the consortium, member of the Professional Supervisory Board, Active member of 3 Research Groups

    Támogatás összege: 2 558 627 617 HUF

  2. Project ID: KFI_16-1-2017-0049: VKFI_16: Development of automatized, complex biomedical services and research tools. Independent NRDI* Grant.

    Támogatás összege:  216 434 291 HUF

  3. Project ID: 2017-2.3.7-TÉT-IN-2017-00038 industrial research and development projects in Hungarian–Indian cooperation: Innovative Drug Development for Dementia. Independent NRDI Grant.

    Támogatás összege:  69 443 296 HUF

  4. Project ID: H2020-SMEINST-1-2016-2017 The First End-to-End Clinical Trials Management and Remote Monitoring System

*NRDI: National Research, Development and Innovation Office (



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